A M Lawyers
Trials from the Red River to the Rio Grande
From the Red River
We are experienced, professional trial lawyers, trying cases all over Texas in matters big and small, complex and straightforward. With over forty years of litigating in the Lone Star State at regional and national law firms, we have brought our experience together in a law firm that is agile, scalable and responsive to the needs of clients who need assistance in resolving their disputes by trial.

Rio Grande
We work to help each of our clients, giving them the information, advice and explanations needed to make the best decisions for protecting interests for themselves, their companies and their families. We try to find answers for our clients in complex and difficult situations. We work to help our clients achieve the results they need for their immediate and long-term needs. We genuinely care about our clients and their cases and work hard to have our clients treated fairly.

We stand ready to work with you . . . from the Red River to the Rio Grande.